Sep. 11th, 2011

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Today is a day of significance. The 11th of September always will be, for me. I won't repeat all the political and social ramifications of that day. That will be handled by other, wiser people who are more educated in these matters.

Instead I will remember it as a day to honour the firemen, paramedics, and police officers who risked everything to run into those buildings and save as many as possible.

I will sit in silence for the ones that never came back out.

These amazing people are often woefully underpaid and overworked. They are seen as a cost, rather than a necessity.

But they are heroes.

I will never belittle the military. I have such huge respect for those men and women who are willing to die to protect their homes and mine, so when I say that I honour the civil defence forces to the same level, please understand that it is a compliment to both, and not a reduction in respect to either.

It takes a hero to run into a building that is on fire. It takes a hero to step up and prove a crime was committed. It takes a hero to fight to protect the innocent.

Too many heroes, both civilian and civil defence were lost that day.

I honour those heroes, today.

I will not be drawn into political debates today. If you have something political to say, I will not respond.


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