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If I were to steal a chocolate bar because it was sitting at the counter looking all tasty, it’d be theft. Nobody would say: "But oh, look at the creamy picture on the packaging. It was taunting him. He had no choice. It was instinct. Impulse. Drives and desires beyond his control."

If I walked into some person’s home and said I lived there, I’d be arrested. Nobody would say to the owners that they should invest in curtains so that people couldn’t easily see how nice their house was. Nobody would tell them that they were "asking for it."

And if I beat a guy up because he was a loud mouth I’d be charged. Nobody would say: "oh but look at him, he’s a dick. He’s insulting everyone around him. The dude got what he deserved." More importantly, even if they did say that, it wouldn’t affect my charges.

But if a woman is wearing a short skirt then it will dramatically sway people’s opinions in a rape case. "Was it cut above the knee?" "Was your waist showing?" These are serious questions that will be asked in a court case.

Source (With minor edits for grammar)

There's also the current situation at Penn State where rabid fans have rioted because a coach was fired for protecting a pedophile. Thousands rioted because they were upset at the firing, not the fact that the man protected an abuser of children.

Did any of them think to wonder how the kids who were abused would feel when a sport is regarded as more important than the huge crime committed? Or is it now an allowable crime because the Pope protected child molesters, and if someone can do that, and then be chosen as Pope, then it's all good?

And now, pedophiles have been discovered posting sexualised pictures of young children on Google Plus, and they're "justifying" it as part of a German nudist movement. There is a petition to have these people banned there.

Why do we, as a society, allow these justifications? Why would a person in authority cover up such incidents, rather than report them? Why do we not hesitate before blaming the victim?

Are we so abhorred by the crimes that we simply can't believe that anyone is capable of them?

Is that truly a justification?

Stop justifying these crimes. Stop victimising the victims. Stop protecting those who protect these criminals.

Nobody asks to be raped or abused, and no child willingly consents to being used as material for pedophile fantasies. It's not a defence.

And the next time someone ever dares to say the victim was asking for it, punch them in the face and say they asked for it via the words coming out of their mouth.

This needs to stop.


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