Jul. 18th, 2011

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Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

Waiting for my luck to change
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Hold your horses folks, I've not become a doomsayer overnight!

But (isn't it funny how everything before the word "but" is often a lie? :P), everything that has kept me on Livejournal is suddenly (or soon will be) available in an easier format.

Google+ has the ability to filter posts to a subgroup (with an easier interface), it allows for long posts, and automatically cuts them, and, coming soon, is threaded comments.

So, flexible security, longer posts, a mechanism for a cut / more link, and threaded comments... These are the things, apart from the people, that keeps me posting on LJ as my primary outlet.

Also, Google+ has a much simpler updating method, and an easier way to post videos and links that has no need to mess with code (like cut code, italics, links, etc).

Livejournal has let its user interface stagnate over the (almost) decade that I've been on the site, and even Dreamwidth is not moving forwards quickly enough with the ancient and clunky interface.

Imagine if you had the ability to post from a spot at the top of your LJ friends page, and see it update live below, while being sure of the security? Add into that proof that the people running the show are listening to the user base (like the privacy options for gender that Google implemented when the people asked.), and the knowledge that they are legally bound to submit to privacy audits for the next twenty years (due to the Buzz problems)... The painting, I fear, is on the wall.

Whether Google+ is the end of Facebook is yet to be decided, but I fear that it might just be the platform disillusioned Livejournallers have been looking for.

And, I hate to say it, a lot of people are still disillusioned and haven't returned after the last customer relations debacle on Livejournal.

Who knows what the future holds for Google+, but with ten million users already, it's looking strong.

Anyway, that's my tuppenceworth. I'm planning on sticking around on LJ for the forseeable future, even though how I use it will likely change, as it has done over the past few months.

If you're on Google+, my profile is here.


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