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In life, trash gets generated. The most common way is household rubbish, the stuff you take out at the end of each day. There are other forms, though, such as discarded opinions, old hatreds, grudges and anger, but these are things that can be more difficult to take out. The mind and heart are like houses, and if the trash is never taken out of a house, it'll soon stink to high heaven.

And nobody wants to live in trash.

I'm fond of saying that I find cleaning chores therapeutic, regular things like washing dishes, vacuuming, or even taking out the trash. The reason for that is in symbolism; as I clean my home, I clean my heart and mind. As I do these mundane chores, my mind and heart look over themselves, and I find myself letting go of the stresses that have accumulated, like trash, through the day. Getting into the habit of thinking this way is one of the reasons I'm a happy guy.

It may not work for everyone, but I do believe that everyone needs to find a way to take out the trash every now and then :D
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The sensation of floating through the air on the last beat of a pair of wings...

It must be magical.

In our myths and fantasies we have creatures, gods, and angels who look like us, but have wings. We've even imagined beasts with wings that would carry us, built machines to help us fly, and buildings so tall that we can stand atop them and feel the clean air wrap around us.

Even in images of an afterlife, wings are prevalent. We see demons with wings, and winged souls sitting upon clouds, watching the earth below. We look for our own wings in our next stage of existence. We look to soar where our bodies can't go.

Had we not built these things, maybe the next step for our evolution would have been to grow wings, for flight, more than anything else, has been a dream of freedom for centuries. To travel through the air, and explore the world, on the last beat of our wings.

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Morning Glory

Prince used to put May you live to see the dawn on his CDs. He's changed it now, but I always found the wish to be profound.

On one hand, it's a wish to not die in your sleep, which is known to happen, but I find that to be an archaic use of the phrase.

I prefer to believe that the dawn is more a beginning of a new age. I could wax lyrical about an age of peace and reason, but that's not the point of this. I dream of the moment when I realise that this new age has arrived. It doesn't have to be a glorious morning, or even an actual morning, it doesn't even need to be a single global moment. I imagine it as a slow beginning; a year long dawn is no time at all if it's part of an age.

Is it possible to revel in the glory of the dawn of a new age? I think its possible that this particular phenomenon can't be felt by an individual. It's something that will only come to light as more and more people wake up to it.

I dream of waking up and reading about it one day.
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When I was four years old, I wanted to be a train driver.

When I was ten years old, I thought of becoming a pilot.

When I was sixteen years old, I dreamed of being an avionics engineer.

But there was only one thing I aspired to, and that was to become a father.

I became a parent when I was twenty six years old, and again when I was thirty three. I'm still working on becoming a father.

That sentence may look strange to some, but it makes sense to me. Being a father isn't a title, or something that happens when a woman you've impregnated gives birth. It's bigger than that. It's in every decision that affects the welfare and development of your child. It's in deciding to use love to explain when they've done wrong, rather than anger. It's in having the patience to teach, and the courage to remain firm, even when their tears are breaking your heart. Being a father is a lifelong aspiration. I have been a father to my kids, but I aspire to continue to be one.

But that's how aspirations work, in my opinion. They can never be simple, and they have to encompass a lifetime.


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