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Come in, answer a few questions, find a comfy spot... Old friend, new friend, former friend, or friend-to-be, know that this is a safe and drama-free environment.

If you're a stalker or a foe to those I love, kindly move along. You are not welcome here.

So, now that's out of the way, you want to know a bit about who I am? Well, I could say that I'm just a boy next door... Kinda... But that would be only part of the tale ;) Read on, fair traveller on the Road of Life, and discover some of the basics!

I am an Anarchist
This means I am Anti Government, Anti Establishment, Anti Organised religion, Anti Conformism, Anti War, Anti any-concept-that-is-a-means-to-control and Anti Any-concept-that-is-a-means-to-cause-pain-to-your-fellow-man. Every country gets their turn in the barrel if they do something to prove that all government is wrong.

It also means I am Pro-life AND Pro-choice (figure that one out :P), I'm Pro peace, Pro fair trade, Pro education, Pro personal spirituality, Pro shared burdens, Pro love, and Pro humanity.

This means that some of my posts can offend political sensibilities, hence these guidelines:

  1. Play Nice

  2. No cursing or name calling

  3. Keep calm, if you can't, then count to ten and try again

  4. If you don't like the post, you have a scroll bar, use it, it's a free world

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I like to hear everyone's opinion, because we only learn when people disagree with us, it's how we grow.

And finally, if two of my friends are arguing, even if it's in one of my posts, take it somewhere else. I like something about each and every one of my friends, and I don't take sides on issues that don't affect me. I have no room for drama, because drama leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to pain, and pain leads to suffering, Drama, the dark side, is. /Yoda moment


I am a flirt. An out and out flirt. Do NOT take me seriously. It's ALL play, mmmkay? I'm also an honest flirt, in that I won't tell you something I don't believe...

I am a writer

I write many stories and poems. I enjoy my writing, and it is often me putting into words how I feel. Most of it goes into my journal, so unless otherwise stated, all poems or stories in here are mine, ©'ed

You're always welcome to comment, or provide constructive criticism, but please remember the guidelines above.

Other main interests

I play guitar for fun. I'm ok, but I'm not starting a band anytime soon. I cook, and this is a new hobby for me. There's a gallery of some of my dishes in my scrapbook, go and have a look if you want :D. I also love my camera, especially the macro lens. I find macro photography extremely interesting.

I am my own man

I do not conform. I ask questions based on me, and I post based on my own sensibilities, not anyone else's. I comment what I feel to be honest and true, and I am always open to the views of others. And if I don't comment, I still read...

As far as my personal feelings and thoughts go, this is a Friends Only journal. If you're interested, then comment or add, and most people will be added back, because I like people!

This journal contains some. Whether you try it at home is up to you.
~ Paraphrased from Terry Pratchett's quote in his endnotes for the book "Nation"
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