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One of the thoughts that have been invading my mind of late has been about morality. It's been distracting me enough that I can't even write much for NaNo! So I figured I should try to work on it with a little help... Cuz, y'know I'll get by with a little help from my friends!

Morality is subjective. While one person may believe monogamy is morally right, another may not, as an example. Of course, there are people for whom morality is not important, but I'm not thinking of extremes or criminal behaviour in this case.

What I'm trying to understand, and I hope I can with a little bit of good natured discussion, flame and drama free, is why it does not seem morally questionable for some people to impose their morals on others.

I have my morals, and I live by them. Some things I do, others would not agree with, of this I am positive. Others also do things that I don't agree with, but I can't seem to connect in my own head, a reasonable and moral train of thought that will allow me to tell them that they shouldn't do the things I don't agree with, unless there is a law against it, and that too, it has to be a law I agree with... Yes, I'm quite nuts, sometimes...

So, I open the floor to you, my wise and educated friends, to help me with this particular quandary :D


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