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I believe that Good and Evil, as well as most things, are subjective. Their definitions change over time...

The only things that are not subjective are the things that everyone agrees on, like up, down, day, night, east, west, etc... The things that have no shades of grey...

A lot of people believe that Good and Evil are black and white, but they're not...

There are people who believe it is evil to eat the flesh of animals, there are those who believe it is evil to work on the Sabbath. There are others still, who believe it is good to stone women to death if they wear shoes that can be heard when they walk...

1500 years ago, first born daughters in Saudi Arabia were considered evil, and buried alive....

I think I prefer to believe that in every moment there is a choice of Right and Wrong, and I'll live that way :)
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All you can do, is release the thoughts you have. All you can do is be.

And being, is a good thing :D


She said I was worthless
but yet she wanted me

She said I was ugly
but yet she wanted me

Actions speak louder
but words hurt more

No more words, just actions
I have nothing to fear from lies

I'm not the worst
not the best
I'm not the image
I was made to believe

I am a nightmare walking
a dream to some
fear to others
enigma to most

But finally I am understood

by me

Welcome to my world.
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What was lost
has now been found
in the recesses of the
house of my mind
a black box of shame
built by another
chained closed with words
that were never true
in a room I did not build
a room that will not last

The only thing that can
release this part of me
and lead to my completeness
is the power of self belief

The chains fall away
and as the box opens
I discover myself
I am finally me


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