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Fuckheads tell morons to go blow themselves up, and they will get seventy two virgins in heaven.

I know I've posted a ton on how suicide is a mortal sin in Islam, so I won't go into that...

I've also posted about Islam's rules on war (in the same post), so I won't go into that either...

It's the seventy two virgins that is making me laugh right now...

In heaven, there are beings called "Houri's", I say beings, because they're not exactly human, according to the Quran. They have all their bits in the right places (yes they have male and female versions, Heaven is fair!), but no menses or sperm...

The number seventy two is from an obscure mention in passing from the tales of the companions of the prophet Mohammed, and isn't collaborated anywhere I have found...

The Quran itself speaks of pairing, and nothing remotely reaching this ridiculous number.

So, as far as I can see, any suicide bombers will not get into heaven, they'll relive their point of explosion constantly until Judgement Day, are guilty of murder, will not be considered martyrs, and will never get a single virgin, ever...

People believe what they want to believe, despite the proofs they have at their fingertips...

I'm just shaking my head...
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More bombs in Bali

Yep, there goes another weekend where innocent people are targeted by morons. Suicide bombing is wrong on so many levels. It's hard to believe that people who follow a faith like Islam, where suicide is held to be a sin so clearly, can be so easily swayed into believing that they will be exalted in heaven.

Want a discussion on it? )

Lots of reading if you have the time :)

The weekend was good. Got a lot of rest despite driving for 300 or so miles...

Now I have a broken circuit to contend with, Ah, the wonders of Monday mornings!


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