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There have been more controlled explosions at a hospital, I've just heard on the news.

While this is terrifying, it's great that the police are catching up to these fuckers...

It seems as if the plotters were Doctors...

This is beyond ridiculous.
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Two car bombs in London (thankfully discovered before they went off), and a Molotov Cocktail attack on Glasgow Airport that didn't quite go as planned...

An eventful few days for sure.

I'm overjoyed that these three threats were stopped before there was loss of life. It shows that people are aware, and will report ne'er do wells...

It's stupid timing though.

Gordon Brown is not a supporter of the Iraq war. He would have begun to pull out of Iraq, regardless of what Blair's Lord and Master Dubya would have said. But now, pulling out will look like the terrorists have us scared, and that is not something I want England to be seen as. I'll have to watch to see how this is played out... I hope our boys and girls in the Gulf all come back safely, and swiftly, and I also hope that the perpetrators of these attacks, and the intelligence gathered sees justice.

And now, the Diana Concert... When Elton John came out and sang "Your Song" at the beginning, I couldn't help but shed a tear... And he's scheduled for the finale too, and that, I'm sure, will be a tear fest, especially if he sings Candle in the Wind...

The concert has been amazing so far... And with some of the other names still to perform? Wow...


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