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[livejournal.com profile] donnickcottage had a challenge to write a poem for Valentines that fits in a column that is 12 characters wide, with 5 lines total.

I wrote:
3 words
2 people
1 soul
I love you
Says it all



Jul. 29th, 2008 10:14 am
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Until you find one
You'll never know
you needed one

A person so like you
and yet different
in a perfect way

A reflection better
than mirrored glass
can ever offer

Until you find one
You'll never know
its wonder.
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Should I go
to the poet's retreat?
To hide and learn
and hone my skills?

I shake my head
in wry amusement
at any mention
of skills I have

I simply speak
in efficient prose
the occasional thought
that enters my mind

And then sit stunned
blinking stupidly
at any praise
I may receive


Jul. 18th, 2008 11:20 am
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Without warning
words begin to flow


Crowding me
eager to be heard


Fingers fly
and my mind races


Muses change
and a lost art is found

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Cross Posted from [livejournal.com profile] museteasers

A Golden Age
ended abruptly
hopes and dreams
lost in the wind
memories of
forgotten fancies
all were dreamt
in the name of love
and now they flow
away between
frozen fingers
as grains of sand
a Golden Age
lost for now
until I find
another dreamer
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[livejournal.com profile] corto said this yesterday:

Beauty... takes work.
For some it's a lot of work,
Others... less so.

Kindness... takes work.
For some, it's a lot of work,
Others... less so.

Most interesting of all...
Is the inverse relationship between these two things.
The work it takes to hold on to beautiful,
doesn't do a lot besides slip a mask on.
Your kindness, however, will never stop making you beautiful.

And I wrote:

Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder
nor is it an easy to quantify formula
it's not just the shape of a person
it has nothing to do with colouring

They say size doesn't really matter
but I'm afraid I beg to differ
beauty is only truly measurable
by the size of a person's heart.
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Darkness Calls
with a whisper
of musical seduction
and the Nevermore Dance
begins again

Daylight Falls
in tattered wisps
remains of orchestral might
and the spirits again swirl
in abandon

Midnight's Hall
filled with motion
a silent song of shadows
sung with the voice of night
deathly life

Daylight Calls
with bird's song
of colour and sound
and the Nevermore Dance
ends again
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As the night closes in
and wraps me in its cold cloak
I think of all the things
the day has brought to me
and I wonder what will be new

But for now there is only
the darkness of the night
and my solitary musings

One day there'll be a pair
of arms that will hold me
warmth against the cold
but until that day
I'll sleep with a smile

Because through the night
I know I carry the heat
of love in my heart

Save a Life

Jul. 6th, 2007 11:38 pm
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I don't know how
but I won't stop trying
each time I fail
I will start again
learn from the past
change and grow
take my losses
treasure my gains
each new day
renew my efforts
and one day
I will succeed
I will learn
how to save a life
not just any life
but mine
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Innocent and unaware
let it sniff the air
the wind is my ally

By shadow I'm concealed
its fate is sealed
in silence I move

My hunt will soon end
and I will be fed
only to hunt again

A single unseen blow
it finally knows
it has been hunted

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How forged is a man?

Is he a creation of God?
A creature of instinct?
Or simply a product of his environment?

Nothing so simple
can forge such a thing
as a man

Is he formed by his childhood?
An amalgamation of his peers?
Or is he carved out of his actions?

All of these are factors
some more important
some less

Is he sculpted by his pain?
A construct of his imagination?
Or is he manufactured by circumstance?

There is no simple recipe
no single factor
to him

a biological machine
created by God
does not make a man
it just makes a shell

Maybe what truly makes a man
is love.
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What is this thing, this organ, so complex?
such a wondrous thing yet frightening
why do so many seek to understand it
or better yet, for some, to tame it?

It is a powerful thing, a natural miracle
it can be filled with feelings and strength
yet be fragile and shatter at a word
why do some seek to control it?

I stand in awe at the heart of a woman
and seek only to witness it's life
for what beauty remains in free spirits
when they are so tragically chained
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I'm not wasting your time
there's only one thing on my mind
to make you scream
in ecstasy

It'll be my work of art
a lifelong obsession
to drive you wild
every time

Your desires are paramount
I will be your paramour
wherever you want

I will use all of me
to make all of you

Come with me

Ok, so it doesn't live up to the icon, but hey, I can always try again ;)
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All I have are these words
they walk along with me
but every now and then
they want to dance and play
so I stop for a while
and let them out a little

All I hear is the beat
of my heart and my feet
both keeping pace
no matter what the mood
there will always be rhythm
as I walk this road

All I want to do is share
the beat and the words
every now and then they merge
and become something more
a little piece of me
ties them together

All I have is me
I'm the only one guaranteed
to be there at the end
and yet I'm glad for all of you
for your ears and shoulders
I'm not alone

All I have
is everything
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The music began.

He sensed
rather than heard
the deep bass

She watched
his body
begin to flow

Eyes locked
strangers once
but in that moment
they were bound

tied together
by waves of sound

Life began
at that moment
there was nothing more
in existence

Slowly circling
they drew closer
until clothes touched
yet skin did not
they breathed
the same air
their hearts
to the same rhythm

They stole touches
brief flashes
of skin touching skin
hands roaming
until neither knew
who was touching whom

They moved
body to body
as the music rose
to a crescendo

Hearts raced together
keeping apace
until there was nothing
but the beat in their ears
even the music
was lost
in each other


Life began again
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Details )

The Original )

My Version:

As something new
yet eternal
my heart rises
from the ground

Wishes and dreams
unfurl like petals
each a song
sweetly sung

Frozen in time
this pure moment
I will carry
beyond world's end

For this is me
and how I love
I give it freely
to you

My apologies to Rabbie, heh... I am a mere journeyman wordsmith :D
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I look at my hand
the bones within
echo the structure
of the key to my life

I steel myself
forgive my enemies
defy the odds
and sway my jury

I am boldened now
my spirits in union
the future looks sweeter
a reduction in mayhem

I am infused with power
a bright light within
no further apologies
my identity indelible

I will seize this year
convince those who doubt
I will realise one dream
and get closeer to nirvana

I am brimming with ideas
I've released regret
and will rise to a cusp
I will not panic
I will raise their awareness
and leave them in silence
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Just a shadow
Barely a memory
of a day lost
has cast chaos
on the future
and doomed us all
to never progress
Life loops on
in never ending cycle
Until the day
that cast this shadow
can be returned

The new Linkin Park CD is Fantastic :D
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On writing...

Read on, dear reader
for I have a tale
of pen and paper
and their great duet
With ink as their weapon
and hearts as their prey
they hunt together
for words to sway
even the coldest
emotionless organs
to their way of thinking
to feel what they wish
So fall before them
the mightiest warriors
The pen and the paper
May they prevail over all

Happy reading, M ;)
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Broken spirits dwindle in the light
Memories of a bitter war fade away
Unable to fight the impending night

Setting sun yields its right
Vowing to reclaim it another day
Broken spirits dwindle in the light

Yet spirits born in dawn's light
Cannot hope to avoid their fate
Unable to fight the impending night

Father sun helpless to their plight
Laments the souls he could not save
Broken spirits dwindle in the light

And as the last rays fade from sight
A sigh rises in etheric plane
Unable to fight the impending night

No more strength left to fight
Only death in night's dark flame
Broken spirits dwindle in the light
Unable to fight the impending night
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A wave
that can be sensed
but not felt
I close my eyes
and let it wash
over me

It lifts me
not physically
but in all other ways
I fly
without wings
on the intricate flows
of this invisible wave
this sound

It touches my soul
and makes it sing
in counterpoint
adding another thread
to this intricate tapestry
seen through my ears
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Why after so long, do I feel this urge?
Pen goes to paper, again and again.
Fingers fly, on a disused keyboard
and I am here
Keep writing
There is a message in this
or is it just an exploration?
A purging of my own mind
in an attempt to find
my path?
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In my eye, a light
a life giving thing
a spark of creation
a universe
in a speck
I can't see it
but I can feel it
entering my mind
a miniscule pulse
functionally electricity
but so much more
a tiny byte
of information
a final piece
of a puzzle
that makes up
a picture
a vision
of unimaginable beauty
that everyone may see
but not all can perceive
And the moment passes
and I turn to search
for the next perfect moment...

On Love...

Oct. 22nd, 2006 12:32 am
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When every night
holds the thrill
and excitement
of a one night stand

When every conversation
feels like the first
and engages you
so completely

When every moment
is a lifetime
and encompasses universes
yet makes you want more

When you can't get enough
of each other
even when times are hard
you hunger

That is a fragment
of a facet
of the never-ending diamond
that is love


Sep. 11th, 2006 10:21 am
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Stand tall
Let those who died
not die in vain
Let the murderers know
they will not prevail

Stand tall
Against the fear
they want us to feel
Stop their tactics
by not bowing to them

Stand tall
Side by side in unity
our numbers are superior
Side by side in strength
our will is greater

Stand tall
We shall not be broken
by their twisted version of faith
We will still be standing
when there is nothing left of them

Stand tall

A Pantoum

Aug. 30th, 2006 02:39 pm
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We are born into this road alone
Without guarantee of good guidance
We will die on this road alone
No matter how many walk beside us

Without guarantee of good guidance
We follow only what we are shown
No matter how many walk beside us
they cannot walk us to our goal

We follow only what we are shown
observing actions of parents and peers
they cannot walk us to our goal
It is alone we must face our fears

Observing actions of parents and peers
even with love to hold our hand
It is alone we must face our fears
For that is how we entered this land

Even with love to hold our hand
We will die on this road alone
For that is how we entered this land
We are born into this road alone

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] voldelange... That was fun!
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From [livejournal.com profile] onelinecreative:

Portrait )

From [livejournal.com profile] withhumanvoices:

Duality )

And I'm still not getting enough of this song...
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In this song I'm listening to, there is a line that got under my skin this morning on the drive in to work, and it affected this morning's poem too:

She wears her beauty like wings wrapped around his soul.

So I decided to break it up and fill it out a bit...

She wears her beauty like wings
pure and white, glowing within
naturally and unknowing
how special this makes her

He sees her as an incandescent flame
regardless of what her own eyes perceive
and when she looks into his eyes it feels
like wings wrapped around his soul
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Golden eyes burn bright
in the semi dark
of twilight
weaving through the woods
visible in flashes
to the onlooker
yet silent and unseen
to its unknowing
already dead prey
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Smoke surrounds us
fire between us
yet its flames are cold
when measured against
the fires that burn
within us

we dance

arms outstretched
to either side
keeping the fire
at our centre
not closing
not getting further
for separation is pain
a longing for
an intangible presence
but touching
is a new danger
releasing from within
all consuming flame

we dance

never closing
never parting
circling warily
passion wars
with protection
desire balances
against security
the world around us
fades into the night
and all that's left
is our dance

we dance

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I tickle you gently first
my fingers playfully
stroking coaxing
melodious sounds
deep and rich
from within you
only for so long
can I wait
before a pinch
a pull and a tug
you're almost
a percussive instrument
in my hands
gentle slaps
louder harder sounds
an animal growl
bringing out the devil in me
making me wild
I make everyone dance
to the tune I play on you
My slender instrument
of wood and string
smooth, harsh
together we can do
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The dance of the seven veils
is as nothing
to the way you move
arms raised
hips sway
your body rapt
in waves of sound
it invades your senses
caresses your flesh
hypnotises your bones
guides you unthinking
into this dance
that leaves me breathless
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Sway with me
to this gentle breeze
let the music be
just our simple hearts
beating as one
quickening as we flow
our rhythm easy
our bodies knowing
without words
where the next step will lead
Sway with me
and let us see
where the wind will lead
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Tiny grains of gold
under unforgiving sun
as far as the eye can see
the warmth of life
in arid plains
and yet they dance
on the breath of a gentle wind
yet ware their beautiful dance
for should the wind choose it
their dance will strip the flesh
from your very bones
But revel for now
knowing that even in this
barren landscape
there is life
and you are not alone
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I've soared
above clouds
into the brightest skies
only to lose the wind
that lifted my wings
And now I watch the wind
feel it on my face
watch it carry
into the blue
all the other birds
I reach with my wing
but it doesn't lift me
as it used to
from this cursed earth
into it's embrace
So I construct my cage
of earth and stone
hoping the wind returns
with strength to break my prison
and set me free again
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Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?

I keep coming back
searching for you
failure upon failure
my love is true

Every moment away
burns worse than fire
so I fly back to you
driven by desire

Your light entices
draws my gaze
I long only to be
buried in your blaze

*Italicised are lyrics from my current music :)
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Is it a skill
a talent,
the guiding light of fate,
or just blind luck?
I simply sit
and start to write
oft times unsure
of where the words will take me
and just as frequently
I guide them myself
but either way
as leader
or follower
I am slave to the words
A servant to their whims
and yet a happy one
content with my lot
and honoured
in my service
my duty to share
whatever the words share
with me


May. 15th, 2006 10:13 pm
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Walking beneath the shelter
of the many armed trees
their leaves a soothing rustle
in the morning breeze
The canopy rises high
yet light breaks through
shards shine golden
in this muted land
Bright and pure
they lend their power
to the magic of the mother
upon which I walk
She birthed the trees
the beasts, and me
and the father sends
his energy to her
warmth to earthen womb
and heat to lift water
from the sea to the air
cleansed for nourishment
Creating winds to carry
food to his beloved
so that she can give birth
to many more wonders
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All you can do, is release the thoughts you have. All you can do is be.

And being, is a good thing :D


She said I was worthless
but yet she wanted me

She said I was ugly
but yet she wanted me

Actions speak louder
but words hurt more

No more words, just actions
I have nothing to fear from lies

I'm not the worst
not the best
I'm not the image
I was made to believe

I am a nightmare walking
a dream to some
fear to others
enigma to most

But finally I am understood

by me

Welcome to my world.
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What was lost
has now been found
in the recesses of the
house of my mind
a black box of shame
built by another
chained closed with words
that were never true
in a room I did not build
a room that will not last

The only thing that can
release this part of me
and lead to my completeness
is the power of self belief

The chains fall away
and as the box opens
I discover myself
I am finally me


May. 10th, 2006 12:09 pm
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Finding my way
from being lost
and yet I'm not

Far from bereft
of hope or dreams
just sometimes
worry creeps in

Strangers once
and then twice
somehow now
it's a third time

I don't want
to learn this
teach me not
such sadness

I must return
into my shell
taught to emerge
twice so far

May the third
rebirth of me
be the try
that succeeds
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Gave you everything
made you what you are
and what did I get
saved for when you had need
regardless of my needs


I put you on a pedestal
not for you to look down on me
ridicule me
you called me sick and twisted
used my secrets to hurt me
and you still try
to make my heart bleed


I don't need you any more
I can't take back all I gave
but I can take back my heart
heal it within myself
and face the world
as I am
not as you want me to be



Apr. 28th, 2006 12:53 am
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This may not be a battle
fought with guns
or swords
it's a war for the human mind

they want to
control you
bend you
break you
make you
to only them
and believe
whatever they tell you

but each of you is a soldier
a revolutionary
your mind is your weapon
think for yourself
see the holes in all their arguments
see the subtlety in their methods
and break free

don't let them take everything away
because if you wait too long
there'll be nothing left to take away
fight the machine
while you still can
before violent revolution
becomes the only way
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Between opposites
Understanding the need for idealism
Tempered with cynicism
Or vice versa
Finding a way
on the path
to acceptance of life
of love
of self
Extremes of thought
like any other extreme
can lead to disappointment
Tempering is not happy
But necessary
Draw yourself trough the fire and ice
And be stronger on the other side


Mar. 7th, 2006 02:48 pm
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Oooh Shiny!
I like I like
What fun

Wonder at the existence
of something so pure and beautiful
no other words can describe the feeling
every day is brand new

Every morning
Wake up
Look at you
Oooh Shiny!

How can anyone come close?
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Mistakes are my prerogative
I can make them
just as everyone can
everything I do
can be seen as a sin
in the eyes of another

One will see my words as sin
another my work
more will lament my beliefs
even more will hate my land
I will not beg forgiveness
I will continue to sin
for the sin is not in my eyes

I will look back
with shame no more
Shame at the looks
in unknowing eyes
for if you see
my actions as sins
then just remember
there are others who see you
as a sinner
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An echo of my soul
not a match
or a mirror
a resonance
someone on this path
similar yet different
differences that lead to the same
our harmonics pull
and push
we dance around each other
souls drawing closer
minds not understanding
hearts wishing
an inner battle outside
together yet apart
but the resonance
the echo
always sounds
a wonderful sound
leading to a wonderful life

Find the echo
find the soul
for the sound is neverending
the truest song of love


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