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There seems to be a kerfuffle over the BBC inviting Nazi BNP Member of the European Parliament Nick Griffin on to Question Time, a weekly discussion and debate program here in the UK.

While I have no love for the BNP and their politics, I don't understand the drama. If you want free speech, you have to let even the most repulsive of people say their piece. Any censorship of the BNP will set a dangerous precedent; one that was hinted at by the banning of Sinn Fein from the media a few years back.

There are fears that an appearance on Question Time will lend the BNP some legitimacy. Unfortunately, they have already been given a high level of that by a small group of voters, and that can't be undone until the next election, so it's not worth discussing.

In my view, it would be better if people stopped protesting the inclusion of the BNP in a debate show, and instead attended the debate and asked intelligent questions that would reveal the party for what it is.

Free speech is a double edged sword. Sometimes, you have to give an idiot a platform so that you can knock them down.

Fox News...

Sep. 4th, 2009 08:56 pm
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I have no idea how anyone can watch Fox News and believe a word they say. Seriously. The level of bullshit they spew is getting beyond ridiculous.

Fair and balanced my arse.
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It has been said that treason is a matter of dates. I felt that this was apropos.

So, Scotland, Lockerbie, Iran Air Flight 655, and all that...

I've been quiet on this while I've been watching comments and posts from all sides of the subject.

What I see as the central issues here are:

One country trying to overrule the system of justice of another country.
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

I guess I can't just leave it at that, can I? If I did, I wouldn't be me, really :P

As far as the first point goes, how amenable was the US government when they held innocent British Nationals at Guantanamo Bay for up to five years? Not very. International politics is about scratching each other's backs. It's not pretty, it's not always fair, but it helps to avoid wars.

Comparing Iran Air Flight 655 to Lockerbie really doesn't help anyone. It's disgusting that nobody has been brought to justice for Flight 655, but that is another matter, except that compassion is shown by the best of us. Sometimes, compassion hurts. I would never dream of minimising the pain of the families of those who lost their lives on either flight, but it's sad that only one set of families has had at least some measure of justice.

I personally think that the Lockerbie Bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, should have been left to rot in prison, but I am not so arrogant nor bullish to second guess an entire country's system of justice.

Which brings me to my second core issue from the ones above. At the end of the day, hatred breeds hatred. An act of compassion, like letting a dying man return home to his family, if unchallenged, will do more to make it harder for others to hate us in the western hemisphere. All of this bickering and cries for people's heads, and worse, boycotts, will simply provide more fuel for those who want to recruit more bombers.

If Western Civilisation wants to be a shining light in the world, and an example to those less fortunate to have democratically elected leaders, then a little internal respect, and silent support of compassionate acts would not go amiss, and, frankly, would speak to the hearts of others more loudly than angry posturing.
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So, Conservatives here in the UK are badmouthing the NHS so that Republicans in the USA can use their comments as ammunition in the social healthcare debate.

I can't even begin to explain how stupid that is.

If it wasn't for the NHS, low paid workers would not be able to get the care they need to get back to work when they get sick. Soldiers who return home injured wouldn't get the care they need close to their families. Children born to poor parents wouldn't get their vaccinations, and I wouldn't be able to walk.

The National Health Service has saved my knee, making it possible for me to walk. They have helped my back become healthy without surgery, making it possible for me to continue walking. They have saved my father and my mother when they have needed care.

The National Health Service is a National Treasure. As with any system, there are horror stories and limitations, but for each horror story, there are millions of successes. I know people who haven't been able to get some of the latest medications because they aren't provided by the NHS, and I know more people who would be dead right now if it wasn't for the NHS.

As to the cost, and people paying for others, well, that what happens when you live in society. Paying for people to get better, and return to work, earn money, and spend money is an investment in the economy. Nationalising healthcare reduces the overheads charged by insurance companies and drug companies, and makes healthcare cheaper. It makes research for a cure worthwhile, rather than simply treating an illness and keeping sick people coming back for more drug, and charging them through the nose. National health is the only thing that can break the chokehold the drug companies have on health.

If there is good nationalised healthcare, then most companies who pay health insurance to lower level staff could save that money, and if they're really nice companies, they might even be able to hire more people, or pay their staff more. It can help capitalism and the economy too! From all of my senior level jobs, only one has had health insurance as a perk, and even for that, I'd go to the NHS first, and if a procedure was needed, then it could be referred to a private hospital if I wanted it.

Long live the NHS!
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Woman jailed for 'hiring hitman'

Not glamorous at all...

Hitmen hired by suburban women... what next? Kids hiring them to take out a bully? Or an annoying pet?

This world is so random, I want to get off.

More news

Oct. 25th, 2005 12:09 pm
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State Schools will be given independence.

This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Good schools will get better, and disadvantaged schools will get worse. It's doomed to fail, and that's me putting a positive spin on it.

The breaking news is that the Iraqi constitution has been ratified, so does this mean our boys are coming back soon?

Somehow I doubt it, but Dumbya's talking about military force in Syria now. He's a fucking bastard.

Anyway, on that note, enough politics.

Read this for yourself.

Is it just me, or is the writer somewhat condescending?
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Sleep is a wonderful thing, I could do with more of it.

Indirect terrorism?

Somebody started selling bottled sacred "Zam Zam" water in Westminster.
The funny thing is, the genuine stuff can't be legally exported from Saudi Arabia for commercial sale.
The second funny thing is, this bottled stuff contains high levels of nitrate, and three times the permitted levels of Arsenic.
A conspiracy? Who knows, but it's definitely a product that Muslims would buy, and pretty much no-one else.

Riots in Birmingham

Rioting, shooting, killing, one might think we live in chaos.
Oh, sorry, we do.

More killings

Israel and Palestine are continuing on their path to mutual annihilation. Sometimes, I'm so sick of the state of affairs there, that I don't bother talking about it, but today, I figured I'd reiterate my absolute hatred of the tactics and methods employed by both sides in that conflict. I'd raze the place myself, and leave the entire area uninhabitable.

More later, maybe...
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A 12 year old girl was slashed in the face at school.

She needed 30 stitches

All because she tried to help a friend who was being bullied.

She's lucky not to have lost an eye.

This world just gets worse.


Oct. 20th, 2005 10:44 am
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Foxing the Ban

So fox hunting is up despite the 'ban'? Well, if you're going to ban something, ban it properly I say, but as usual, this government makes a hash out of everything.

As far as hunting goes though, I'm not supportive, but I don't see a reason to ban it. And while I think all animals deserve a right to live, I'd also rather see hunting of animals than of humans...

Also, they say that 223,000 more people migrated to the UK than left in 2004. That just proves that although expensive, this country is still a great place to live :D

Again, the US are interfering with what another country does. I wonder if we'll start seeing some propaganda soon portraying the Chinese as the next evil empire to be crushed...
America doesn't like competition, and China are becoming exactly that...

More hurricane evacuations, this time for Wilma... I hope everyone in the path stays safe...


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:41 am
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The dispute between Google and Independent International Investment Research
(IIIR) centres on who owns the Gmail trademark.

The London-based research firm, with a £3.24m ($5.6m) stockmarket value, says
it has used the name "Gmail" since 2002 to describe the mail function of its
online information tool Pronet, mainly used by investors in currency

Companies like Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America are among the
British firm's clients.

After Google announced its Gmail plans in spring 2004, IIIR rushed to
register the Gmail trademark with Ohim, the European Union's trademark office,
and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Why would an application WITH NO G's IN ITS NAME have a mail app called gmail? and where's the G in IIIR? They just want the cash if you ask me... and Google's calling their bluff.
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US Troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Not a good headline to start off a day with.

Human rights investigator Jean Ziegler said they had driven people out of insurgent strongholds that were about to be attacked by cutting supplies.

There seems to be no respect for human life over there.

But on a certain level, I can understand how this tactic can be positive. If the civilians are forced to leave because of food, then collateral damage can be reduced, but that is only providing all of the people in the town are healthy enough to move.

The entire situation disgusts me beyond words...


Oct. 17th, 2005 01:26 pm
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Property is theft. -- P.J. Proudhon

Property is liberty. -- P.J. Proudhon

Property is impossible. -- P.J. Proudhon

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. -- Ralph Waldo

That last one gets me every time!

So what is property?

To what extent do you control what you own, and to what extent does it control you? You control what your home looks like, but to move it, is difficult. If you're in a mobile home, moving may be easy, but not free, and changing the layout is difficult.

Look at your car. You own it, but you're at the mercy of so many rules regarding where and how fast you can drive it, and you need permission to use it.

Look at your TV, do you own it? or is it the other way around?

Every possession is controlled by others in some way, so if the possessor is the controller, how many of your possessions own you?

The land your home is built on is owned by the government. You have a freehold licence to build and live there, but that land, ultimately, was stolen from someone. This is most evidently true in the US, but even in the UK, the land was stolen by robber barons who then turned the country into a monarchy.

People died for the land we walk on, and lost it so that we can live under the illusion that we own it.

What do you think?
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More bombs in Bali

Yep, there goes another weekend where innocent people are targeted by morons. Suicide bombing is wrong on so many levels. It's hard to believe that people who follow a faith like Islam, where suicide is held to be a sin so clearly, can be so easily swayed into believing that they will be exalted in heaven.

Want a discussion on it? )

Lots of reading if you have the time :)

The weekend was good. Got a lot of rest despite driving for 300 or so miles...

Now I have a broken circuit to contend with, Ah, the wonders of Monday mornings!


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